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Open for Work

Happily employed or looking for change? Here's a few good reasons to never stop looking for new opportunities.

Know Where You Stand

Seeking new job roles is a great method to constantly research what is considered a competitive salary for your current or desired position. Learn about what certifications or trainings are hot on the market and continue to build your resume before walking into your next role.

Stay Ready Instead of Getting Ready

Being open to interviews is a sure way to keep your interview skills sharp. Of course you aren't required to pack your schedule with meetings but staying on point with your professional pointers will help you maintain readiness. You never know when opportunity may come knocking!

Numbers Don't Lie

Trends show that employees are switching jobs about every 4 years as of 2020. A far cry from the numbers our parents saw. People in positions across the board and down the ladder are moving up and onward when the time is right. This mobility and momentum is great for someone looking to advance their career or explore new departments in their current field.

Networking is Key

Maybe interviewing is a little aggressive for your taste right now, understandable. Joining network events, conferences and social gatherings is a great way to stay tapped in and well informed on industry innovation. This is a proven method that can benefit you for years to come.

Key Point

No matter your method, keep one foot in the marketplace and one in the workplace. It's not only safe but wise to continuously build your personal brand. Remember that follow-up emails go a long way. Contact me if you need help creating a template that you can edit and send to hiring managers that ensures you leave a lasting impression.

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